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Memorial of Daulat Hossain, Park Circus

Memorial of Daulat Hossain

Park Circus

Shaikh Daulat Hossain the name is definitely unfamiliar. He is no celebrity but a memorial stands in his memory in a remote corner of Park Circus. Strangely the memorial also seems to be have been forgotten. It lies is utter neglect and is heavily encroached upon.

Daulat Hossain Memorial

Daulat Hossain Memorial

Shaikh Daulat Hossain was shot dead by dacoits in Park Circus area when he tried to prevent their decoity attempt. He died on the spot on 7th October 1932 aged only 18.

A plaque at Daulat Hossain Kundu Memorial

A plaque at Daulat Hossain Memorial

On the eventful day a group of armed decoits looted a shop in the Park Circus area and were fleeing the area in a car.

Daulat Hossain, a young boy of the neighborhood in a gallant effort jumped on the footboard of their running car, grabbed hold of its steering wheel and attempted to steer it into an open drain by the side of the road.

He was shot at point blank range and died on the spot. About six months later a memorial was erected in the memory of Daulat Hossain at the spot of his tragic death.

A plaque with verse from Koran

A plaque with verse from Koran

The memorial was inaugurated by Justice T Ameer Ali, son of Syed Amir Ali, one of the founders of Muslim League.

The ceremony was attended by nearly 500 people and the colonial government arranged for a gratuity of ₹1,500 for the boy’s mother.

Sadly today both Daulat Hossain and his memorial has largely been forgotten. A walk of about 500 m past the Quest Mall along the Samsul Huda Road brings one to the crossing of Bright Street.

Just beyond the crossing is a small triangular heavily encroached open space housing the small but elegant memorial (Google map location).

Behind the triangular open space is the Daulat Hossain Institute, named after him and the memorial lies in its complex.

Sadly the complex of the beautiful domed memorial serves as a storing and dumping place for the surrounding hawkers who sell any thing from fresh vegetables to milk shakes.

The elegant domed memorial has plaques on all four sides. The front portion contains a plaque in English, providing a brief account of the tragic event. Below the English plaque and almost at the base level is another plaque which mentions about the foundation of the memorial.

Collage of plaques from Daulat Hossain Kundu Memorial

Collage of plaques from Daulat Hossain Memorial

The left and the back side respectively contains plaques in Urdu and Bengali narrating the tragic event. On the fourth and the right side is a plaque containing verse from the holy Koran.

Heavily encroached Daulat Hossain Memorial, Park Circus

Heavily encroached Daulat Hossain Memorial, Park Circus

Sadly the locals have forgotten their hero, even the hawkers have no idea of the significance of the memorial. A small bit of effort can easily preserve the beautiful memorial and remember the 18 year boy who laid down his life for humanity almost a century ago.

  1. December 29, 2021 at 2:06 AM

    sad to see the loss of a young boy . But a very interesting site to see.

    • December 29, 2021 at 8:11 AM

      It is sad indeed, but more sad is the present state of the memorial. A little bit of effort can bring the memorial back to its former glory and that would be the right tribute to the brave man.

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