Maniktala Christian Cemetery, Kolkata

Maniktala Christian Cemetery, Kolkata

Family Graves of Toru and Aru Dutt

Overgrown with tall grasses & bushes, infested with dogs and a few unimpressive scattered graves is the best way of describing the Maniktala Christian Cemetery.

Maniktala Christian Cemetery, Maniktala, Kolkata (Calcutta)

Maniktala Christian Cemetery, Maniktala, Kolkata (Calcutta)

The Cemetery itself is difficult to spot and even people living in the neighborhood are totally unaware of its existence.

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Quli Khan’s Tomb, Mehrauli, Delhi

Quli Khan’s Tomb

Mehrauli, Delhi

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As I walked out of the Qutab complex, two strange looking pyramid like structures attracted my attention. In a bid to explore I took the footpath between the two and reached an open area marked as Mehrauli Archaeological Park. Straight ahead was an octagonal structure.

Mohammad Quli Khan's Tomb, Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Delhi

Mohammad Quli Khan’s Tomb, Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Delhi

Suddenly a few lines from Willam Dalrymple’s famous novel The Last Mughal flashed into my mind “To the south of Delhi, Metcalfe established a second country house, “Dilkusha” (Delight of the Heart), in a converted octagonal Mughal tomb near Mehrauli ….a Mughal garden – a four part charbagh – was laid out in the front of the tomb.”

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Lodi Period Tomb, Lado Sarai, Delhi

May 6, 2015 4 comments

Lodi Period Tomb

Lado Sarai, Delhi

Also see: Monuments of Mehrauli

The small non – descriptive tomb lies on a small Delhi Development Authority (DDA) Park at the crossing of Mehrauli – Mahipalpur and Mehrauli – Badarpur Roads in the Lado Sarai region of South Delhi.

Lodi Period Tomb, Lado Sarai, Delhi

Lodi Period Tomb, Lado Sarai, Delhi

This is nothing unusual for Delhi and the city is literally littered with monuments and probably the Mehrauli region is South Delhi has the largest concentration of monuments, many of which are not even protected.

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Six Squares of Lenuci Horseshoe, Zagreb

April 29, 2015 3 comments

Lenuci Horseshoe, Zagreb

Walking tour of lower town Zagreb

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It was early morning and the sun was yet to come out I stood at the balcony of Hotel Esplanade, Zagreb looking down at the main station area of Glavni Koldovor.

Map of Lenuci Horseshoe, Zagreb

Map of Lenuci Horseshoe, Zagreb

I have reached the city little more than twelve hours ago and already had a small guided tour of of lower town Zagreb.

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Carmelite Convent, Outrum Street

April 24, 2015 4 comments

Carmelite Convent

Outrum Street

For the last 80 years the colonial styled bungalow at 4, Outrum Street have served as the residence of the Carmelite Nuns, who barely step out to show themselves to the world.

Carmelite Convent , $ Outrum Street, Kolkata (Calcutta)

Carmelite Convent , 4 Outrum Street, Kolkata (Calcutta)

Its hard to believe that the colonial styled 200 years old bungalow, which once belonged to a Muslim raja, houses a nunnery.

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Seven Church Walk, Good Friday, Kolkata (Calcutta)

April 15, 2015 7 comments

Seven Church Walk

Good Friday, Kolkata (Calcutta)

The lady carried the cross along the, tram tracks of, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road. She walked bare feat and had anklets and toe rings in her feet.

Seven Church Walk, Good Friday, Kolkata (Calcutta)

Seven Church Walk, Good Friday, Kolkata (Calcutta)

A Bengali Christian she had the sindoor (vermilion) at the parting of her hair, a symbol of married Hindu women.

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Chitpur Local Photowalk

April 8, 2015 16 comments

Chitpur Local

A Photowalk along Chitpur Road, Kolkata (Calcutta)

Bonga Local, Gede Local, Rangahat Local are all local trains originating from the Sealdah Station in Kolkata (Calcutta). There is no Chitpur Local and it is quiet obvious as Chitpur is a neighborhood located within Kolkata (Calcutta).

Chitpur Local (reviving of Chitpur, Calcutta's oldest neighborhood)

Chitpur Local (reviving of Chitpur, Calcutta’s oldest neighborhood)

Chitpur Local is a name of a project aimed at reviving the Chitpur area, which is considered as the one oldest neighborhood of Kolkata (Calcutta).

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