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Slide Show

A compilation of slide shows from my different travels

The slide show capters the pictorial moments of my travel across the country and beyond. It is a compilation of slides from my different travels ranging from roof top birding to remote destinations across the country and even beyond. It gives a brief outline of the place visited through a pictorial documentation. Each of the slide show is accompanied by a button providing a link to the detailed post. For readers looking for more they can simply click the link and read the detailed article. The slide show is updated from time to time and will provide the readers with a short pictorial experience

Maa Phire Elo (Durga Museum), Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata

Maa Phire Elo (মা ফিরে এলো), literally meaning “Return of the Goddess” is a Durga Museum located inside the Rabindra Sarobar Complex in south Kolkata. Durga Puja in Kolkata is often considered as the Greatest Carnival of Earth. The festivities of the four day long Durga Puja often extend over a week and turns the entire city into a temporary art gallery. Sadly after the festivities are over the fascinating art works of are simply torn apart to make the space free for daily public use. A year later the process starts begins again only to be demolished a week after completion. In the recent few years things have gone for a change and several of the idols or pandal installations have been reinstalled in hotel lobbies and luxury resort premises. Some have even made their way in public places like metro stations and public parks, thus providing access to the general public. But these places are not adequate to hose the numerous art work. So the city was in need for a Durga Museum, in came Maa Phire Elo (মা ফিরে এলো),

  • Panoromic view of the interior of the Ma Phire Elo, Durga Museum, Rabindra Sarobar

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Gorai Beach, a beautiful beach north of Mumbai

Gorai Beach located in the north western suburbs of Mumbai is favourite weekend destination for Mumbaikars. The beach is lined with coconut trees and a handful of resorts cater to the tourists from Mumbai and beyond. The beach also has a series of makeshift food stall serving green coconut and a variety of seafood, which comes directly from the fresh catch. The beach also serves a hub of fishing activities.

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Gangoni, Grand Canyon of West Bengal

Gangoni is a canyon on Shilabati River in the West Midnapore District of West Bengal. It is a scaled down version of the Grand Canyon and popularly known as the Grand Canyon of Bengal.

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Mausoleum of Sher Shah, Sasaram

The sky line of Sasaram is dominated by the towering tomb of Sher Shah. The huge mausoleum is located at the centre of a huge pond and is crowned with a massive dome. There are several other historical structures in Sasaram and the city serves excellent street food.

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Residence Roof Top Bird Photography during Lockdown

Covid 19 has changed the way we lived, with the lockdown being implemented from 16 March 2020, there was nothing much to do. I tiered my hand on bird photography from my Salt Lake, Kolkata residence. With no knowledge of birds and limited equipment (Nikon D7000 and Sigma 70 – 300 mm lens) I did mange to shoot a few feathered guests

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