1. Panoramic Tour of Dhaka:

Curzon Hall, Dhaka University, Dhaka, BangladeshPanoramic photography is a technique of photography, using specialized equipment or software, that captures images with elongated fields of view. It is sometimes known as wide format photography. Panorama photos are normally shot by stitching  series of photos with sightly overlapping fields to create a panoramic image. This post contains a compilation of panoramic photos from Dhaka, covering mainly the Dhaka University campus and Old Dhaka. Read more…

2. Museum of Indpendence, Dhaka, Bangladesh:

The Museum of Independence (স্বাধীনতা জাদুঘর), Suhrawardy Udyan, Dhaka, BangladeshThe Museum of Independence is located at the Suhrawardy Udyan, the place where, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave his historic speech declaring the struggle for independence, and where the Pakistani forces surrendered after the War of Liberation. The museum is located underground and happens to be the first underground museum in whole of Bangladesh. Read more… 

3. Crossing the Buriganga, Dhaka, Bangladesh:

Wooden Boats, Buriganga, DhakaBuriganga River plays an important role in the social and economic life of not only the citizens of Dhaka, but of the whole of Bangladesh. It serves as a important water way link connecting Dhaka with large areas in southern Bangladesh. Also local use the river to avoid the perennially congested roads of Dhaka. About 25,000 commuters who come to work in Dhaka from the other bank of the river. Although there are a couple of bridges across the Buriganga the daily commuters prefer the water way to avoid the notorious traffic jams of Dhaka. Read more…

4. Crossing the Padma, highlight of the Kolkata – Dhaka bus journey:

Padma CrosingThe Padma crossing is the highlight of the 380 km (12 hours) journey between Kolkata and Dhaka along the Asian Highway 1 (AH1). The river crossing takes place at the junction of Padma (Ganges) and Jamuna (Branbhaputra) rivers and between the two ferry ghats of Daulatdia and Paturia. The river crossing takes about an hour and is a out of the world experience. Read more…

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