Book Review

1. Nothing is Blue by Biman Nath:

History and astronomy are always considered poles apart, but eminent physist Biman B Nath of Raman Research Institute, Bangalore considers them as opposite sides of a coin. In his debut novel “Nothing is Blue” he has blended the two in a unique mixture, with the ancient Nalanda University in its backdrop. Set in the ancient seat of learning, the novel deals with the travels of the famous Chinese traveler Xuanzang (Hiuen Tsang) in Nalanda and its surrounding area. Read more…

2. Missing Varrun by Amar Agarawala:

Amar Agarwala’s debut novel Missing Varrun is a full life story of a Calcutta based charted accountant Vedant (1966 – 2049) spanning well into the future. It is also a love story that crosses all barriers of time and culture. Vedant, a brilliant chartered accountant of Calcutta falls in love with Amaya, a Spanish girl of Sindhi origin, fifteen years younger than he. Amar Agarwala is a practicing Chartered Accountant and a Company Secretary. He also posses a degeree in Law and also a MBA. Presently Agarwala has more than more than 25 years of teaching experience in various fields and is pursuing a doctorate degree. Read more…

3. Mouse Charmers by Anuradha Goyal:

The Mouse Charmers (Google Image)Anuradha’s Mouse Charmer is not just a bag full of information on the digital pioneers, but the story of India’s successful digital entrepreneurs put together in the most systematic and innovative way. Anuradha, herself a pioneering blogger from India and has been successfully running three blogs for over a decade. In her book she shares the behind the scenes stories of successful digital enterprises like Flipkart, Zomato, Make My Trip, Indibloggers, etc. Anuradha covered 12 digital entrepreneurs classifying them under 3 broad categories of Commerce, Content and Connectors, with 4 enterprises featuring in each. Read more…

4. The Lost Generation by Nidhi Dugar Kundalia:

Lost GenerationThe book titled The Lost Generation, is a chronicle of India’s dying profession. Authored by Nidhi Dugar Kundalia the book covers 11 vanishing profession across the length and breadth of the country. From the rudaalis of Rajasthan to the boat makers of Bengal and from the ittar wallahas of Hyderbad to the kabootarbaaz of Delhi, Nidhi has done an extensive field work. She has also made inroads into the Naxal infested areas of Jharkhand to track the Gonda artist. Apart from doing extensive field work the author also went through series of books, journals and papers on related topics. The long list of bibliography and notes are first hand proof of Nidhi’s extensive paper works. Read more…

5. Patachutra of Odisha and Jagannath Culture by Anita Bose:


The book Patachitra of Odisha and Jagannath Culture by Anita Bose explores the story behind the patachitras of Raghurajpur. The book is the culmination of Anita’s two decades of nurturing her creative pursuits. Anita’s book not only deals with the details of patachitra but also provides the details of its connection with the Jagannath Culture. The book starts with the origin of the name of heritage village of Raghurajpur and then moves on to the representation of Jagannath Culture through different forms of patachitras. Probably the most interesting part of the book deals with the details of equipment used by the patachitra artist. The thematic classification of the patchitra has been done in different categories followed by several other sub categories. Read more…

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