1. Testimonial from Prof. Tirthankar Roy of LSE:

Six of my photos were selected for publication by Prof. Tirthankar Roy of the Economic History Dept. of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) for his book titled “India in the World Economy” published by the Cambridge University Press. The photos covered a wide range of topics from temples to close up of terracotta panels. From closed down Chinese restaurant to abandoned light house. Prof. Tirthankar Roy also provided me with an elaborate testimonial. Read more…

2. Words of appreciation from Dr. Amitav Ghosh:

Amitav Ghosh’s writing has always fascinated me. Although a mainly a fictional writer Ghosh has the ability of blending fictional characters in historical backdrop. For the last couple of years I have been reading his books. Recently I picked up the courage to write to Amitav Ghosh sharing a link of my blog entry on Ronald Ross Memorial, which was the centre of attraction of Ghosh’s best selling novel Calcutta Chromosome. Read more…

3. A few good bloggers, my interview in Times of India:

A Few Good Bloggers, Jaideep Mazumdar, The Times of India, 7 March 2015Jaideep Mazumdar a journalist from the times of India, interviewed me along with several bloggers from Kolkata. The interviews was published under the section Weekend Focus, of Times of India on 7 March 2015 and was titled A Few Good BLOGGERS. Here is the extract about me “Travelling has always been a passion with Rangan Datta, 42. So much so that after obtaining a post-graduate degree in business management from Calcutta University in 2000, he decided against applying for a regular job. “That wouldn’t have allowed me to travel as much as I would want to,“ he explains. Instead, he took up part-time teaching jobs in some institutions and writing travelogues for various newspapers. But when newspapers started doing away with travel columns, he started his own blog in June 2011. Rangan’s blog (http:www.rangandatta.wordpress.com)…. Read more…

4. Travel Blog, A Dozen Blog Tales, Review in Ei Samay:

A Dozen Blog Tales, Ei Samay, Kolkata, 8 Nov., 2015My blog was among the 12 travel blogs (both international and national) to be featured in Ei Samay, the Bengali news paper of the Times of India (TOI) group, on 8 Nov. 2015 (Sunday). The compilation was done by Nilanjan Hazra and layout by Arghya Bandyopadhyay.

The write up contained a brief description about my philosophy of travel and mentioned the places I visited. It also mentioned about the non travel pages of book review and food, making special mention of fanush making and the Chinese Breakfast in Chinatown Kolkata. Read more…

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