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Taki, one day outing from Kolkata

Taki, 24 Parganas (North)

A day outing during Covid 19 pandemic

Ever since we tested Covid 19 positive in May 2021 we had totally lost the confidence of going out for a holiday. Even a day trip seemed a distant dream. But time is always a best healer and after two and month after our recovery we finally decided to hit the road.

Panoramic view of Ichamati River and watch tower, Taki

Panoramic view of Ichamati River and watch tower, Taki

We decided to keep it short and decided for a day trip. After shortlisting about half a dozen places we finally zoomed down at Taki, a favourite picnic and weekend spot from Kolkata. Although Taki has several places to stay but we decided to keep it restricted to a day.

Taki Puber Bari

Taki Puber Bari

Taki, is a border town in 24 Parganas (North) District and is about 70 km from Kolkata. It is a border town on the banks of the River Ichamati, where the river itself serves as a border between India and Bangladesh.

Taki Jor Mandir

Taki Jor Mandir

Apart from great views of the river and the essence of international boarder Taki also has its share of history, with several palatial buildings.

Although majority of the buildings are falling apart but Taki still boast of it glorious past.

Apart from its share of history Taki also has its share of ecology. Located close to the famous mangrove forest of Sundarban Taki also has its share of mangrove forest.

So, in a nutshell Taki poses several elements of history, architecture, nature along with amazing meals consisting of an amazing assortment of fresh fishes coming from the river and the nearby ponds.

Roy Chowdhury Family Thakurdalan, Taki

Located just 70 km away from Kolkata, Taki has several alternative route. From my residence in Salt Lake the shortest was through the Jessore Road but because of the bad road condition during monsoon we decided to give it a skip and take the Malancha road.

Nal kup, Taki

Nal kup, Taki

We (my wife Debjani, my daughter Rupsha and I) started at 6:15 am in our Maruti Alto with Moloy in the driver seat.

It was a Sunday morning and there was less traffic in the road and we soon drove past the Science city and went past the East Kolkata Wetlands.

Sadly there were no good dhaba or eatery on the way and being aware of the fact we have decided to carry our breakfast.

The brealfast consisted of cakes and chips. After a short breakfast we continued on our way towards Taki. We crossed the Vidhadari River and reached Taki at about 9:30 am.

Canopy walk at Golpata Forest, Taki

Canopy walk at Golpata Forest, Taki

Our first stop was Puber Bari (Google map location) one of the numerous dilapidated mansions of Taki. It was under lock and keep and in spite of its crumbling condition it looked beautiful.

Debjani and Rupsha enjoy the canopy walk at Golpata Forest, Taki

Next stop was Taki Jora Mandir (Google map location), literally meaning twin temples. The Shiva two temples built in aat chala style are best view from across the ponds. Sadly the century old temples are given a new look wiping out centuries of history. Also the complex have been encroached by the building of a local club.

Breathing roots of Mangrove trees, Golapata Forest, Taki

Next stop was another palatial mansion of Taki, belonging to the family of Shankar Roychowdhury, ex chief of Indian Army. Known as ,b>Roychowdhury Durga Dalan (Google map location), it is in a much condition than the Puber Bari. The compound is accessible and contains a memorial plaque of the family priest. Durga Puja is celebrated every year.

A Bengal Fox near Golpata Forest, Taki

A Bengal Fox near Golpata Forest, Taki

Next we drove past a crumbling tower like structure known as Nal Kup (Tube Well) (Google map location). A marble plaque on the walls of the tube well mentions that it was built by Swarnatalata Basu in 1932 in memory of her husband Upendra Nath Basu (1873 – 92). (Note: The dates in the plaque were according to Bengali calendar, which has been changed to Gregorian calender)

Ichamati River Bank

Next we drove past the Bisorjon Movie Spot, since it was raining we decided to give it a skip and head to Golpata Forest (Google map location). An aforestated mangrove forest mainly consisting mainly of Geowa and Golpata trees and is complete with an elevated canopy walk.

Boats of Ichamati River

Being a border area it is under the surveillance of Boarder Security Force (BSF) and one has to carry his/her photo i-card for entry in the Golpata Forest. Cars are not allowed up to the entry point and motor van ferries passengers to the entry point.

Entrance of Taki Durga Dalan

Entrance of Taki Durga Dalan

The elevated walk way leads through the dense mangrove forest, consisting of trees with breathing roots.

The walkway divides into two branches one leading deeper in the forest, while the other leads to the river front.

The walkway has its share of birds and we did spot a bunch of Jungle Babbler and a lone Black Hooded Oriole, but I was unable to photograph them. But I was successful in photographing a Bengal Fox.

Next it was time to explore the river front. The Ichamati River which serves as the international border between India and Bangladesh is Taki’s prime attraction. There are options of boat ride, because of the monsoon we decide to give it a skip.

Taki Durga Dalan

Taki Durga Dalan

There are several parks along the Icahamati River consisting of watch towers and elevated platforms offering grand view of the River.

The Indian boats are marked with the Indian national flag while the Bangladeshi boats flaunt their own national flags.

The river becomes a centre of festivity during the idol immersion of Durga Puja, when boats of both countries immerse their idols along aquatic international border.

Our next stop was Taki Durga Dalan (Google map location), another dilapidated mansion opened during the Durga Puja. During other times it can only be viewed across the side wall.

Taki Eco Park

Taki Eco Park

Finally it was time for lunch and after a heart meal of rice, dal, veg curry and bhetki fish we headed for our last destination, Taki Eco Park (Google map location)

Taki Eco Park is actually a resort but outsiders can entry by paying an entry fee.

It has boating felicities along with caged birds and aquariums of coloured fishes. It is a very small compound and nothing much interesting.

Finally it was time for home and we retraced our way back home and completed our journey at about 5 pm, thus ending a memorable day trip during Covid 19 pandemic.

Necessary Information:

  1. Golapata Forest: Entry fee ₹ 10 per head, motor van ride ₹ 20 per head and car park ₹ 50 per head. Visitor need to deposit there Adhar Cards at the BSF check post
  2. Taki Eco Park: Entry fee ₹ 15
  3. Boat ride at Ichamati River: ₹ 1500 for an hour ride
  4. Toto Charge : Toto charges ₹ 350 for a tour of Taki. People can leave there car in the hotel and do the local sightseeing in toto, with the toto driver doubling up as the guide
  5. Lunch : There are various options but it is advisable to book the lunch earlier by paying some advance
  1. Anwesha Chatterjee
    August 22, 2021 at 9:57 PM

    This is a highly exhaustive resource for the visitors from Calcutta. Very lucid and informative. Tourists throng Taki in weekends and festivities, tend to be restricted to the conventional activities of boating accross the river Ichamoti or a toto trip to the mini Sundarbans. Thanks for introducing us to the ancient, dilapidated jamidar mansions which need restoration.

  2. Jamal
    September 3, 2021 at 5:45 PM

    Thanks for sharing information . There are so many unknown places in West Bengal .

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