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Border Parotta, a culinary landmark on Tamil Nadu – Kerala border

December 22, 2021 2 comments

Border Parotta

A culinary landmark on Tamil Nadu – Kerala border

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Who said, “Tamil food is all about idli and dhosa and is all vegetarian?” Think again! The coastal state of Tamil Nadu has its share of non veg cuisine and the probably the best place to experience it is Border Parotta stall near the small town of Coutrallam. It is not just food but an experience.

Border Parotta, Tenkashi

Border Parotta, Tenkashi

Coutrallam (or Kutralam) is a small town at the southern tip of Western Ghat. The town is known for its spectacular waterfalls (More on:Coutrallam Waterfalls) but no trip to Courtallam is complete with a visit to the culinary landmark of Border Parotta in Tenkasi (Google map location) just 5 km away.

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