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Courtallam Waterfalls, spa of south India

Courtallam Waterfalls

Spa of south India

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Located at the southern tip of Western Ghat on the Tamil Nadu – Kerala border this small hill station of Tamil Nadu houses nine waterfalls. The water in the falls have medical values and is known as the spa of south India. This is Courtallam (or Kuttraalam).

Collage of the three most well known water falls of Courtallam (Kuttraalam)

Collage of the three most well known waterfalls of Courtallam (Kuttraalam)

Sadly the Courtallam hardly finds a place in the national tourism map, but it is extremely popular among locals. During the monsoon weekends thousand of locals tourist from Tamil Nadu and Kerala visit the place. The local administration and the police have a tough time handling them.

Lush green Courtallam (Kuttraalam)

Lush green Courtallam (Kuttraalam)

Incidentally the Courtallam region witness two monsoon in a year. The first one is in June & July and caused by the south-west monsoon. The second one is in October & November and is caused by the north-east monsoon.

Lush green Courtallam (Kuttraalam)

Lush green Courtallam (Kuttraalam)

We visited Courtallam in early October 2021 the beginning of the second monsoon. There was less water in the waterfalls and keeping the Covid 19 restrictions in mind we visited only the three most well known falls. These were Five Falls, Main Falls and Old Falls

Courtallam Five Falls (Google map location): Located at the western end of Courtallam town this water fall consists of five separate water flows and hence the name.

Courtallam Five Falls

Courtallam Five Falls

The water fall is located behind a temple and flights of stairs from both side of the temple leads to the base of the water fall. Steel railing, used for controlling crowd, is put all along the way right up to the base of the water fall.

Courtallam Main Falls (Google map location): This is located next to the Courtallam Temple, which is connected to the famous sage Agastha Muni. The car stops a few yard before the water falls and a winding road leads to the water fall and temple.

Courtallam Main Falls

Courtallam Main Falls

The path leads straight to the water fall. Two bridges, spanning across the stream originating from the water fall, leads to the temple. It is a big water fall consisting of a upper and lower part. In the lower part the water cascades down the rock face in several branches. Here also there are steel fencing to control the crowd.

Courtallam Old Falls (Google map location): This is located on the eastern part of Courtallam town. Here also the car stops well before the falls and a winding pathway leads to the falls.

Courtallam Old Falls

Courtallam Old Falls

There is a temple next to the falls and several shops sell articles needed for worship. Pathways with steel rails lead to the base of the falls. The falls water is channelized to several reservoirs allowing people to take bath in the mineral rich water.

The mineral rich waters of the Courtallam water falls are ideal for bath. The cool waters of the cascading water falls not only provides a refreshing shower but the mineral rich water provides remedies and relief for several ailments. No wonder it is called the “Spa of South India.”

Apart from water falls Courtallam also has its share of temples. Being an active pilgrimage the town has its share of monkeys, were are constantly feed by the pilgrims. Although a bit aggressive on certain time but generally they are friendly and a are delightful to watch.


Swimming pool, Jijis Castle, Courtallam

Swimming pool, Jijis Castle, Courtallam

  • During our trip to Courtallam (or Kuttraalam) we stayed at Jijis Castle (Google map location), an eco friendly and organic lifestyle retreat with an innovative touch, which combines local and traditional culture heritage.
  • During our visit entry to the water falls was restricted because of Covid 19 outbreak. A special permission was obtained for our visit. So don’t expect the water falls to be free of people.
  • No trip to Courtallam is complete without a trip to the Border Parotta stall in nearby Tenkasi (5 km away). They serve excellent parotta with a handful of tasty chicken and egg dishes.
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  • This blog post is part of a FAM (Familiarization) Tour organized by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC)
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