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Rasbari Garden House, Belur, A unique combination of Homestay and Pilgrimage

Rasbari Garden House, Belur

A unique combination of Homestay and Pilgrimage

Heritage hotels and homestays are an integral part of Indian tourism industry. Although late, West Bengal has also joined the trend. In the last couple of years The Rajbari Bawali,Ā Baithakkhana Amadpur, Bari Kothi Azimganj, Balakhana Maheshganj, Calcutta Bungalow and Itachuna Rajbari have come up with some amazing heritage properties.

rasbari belur 3

The three Shiva Temples, Rasbari Garden House, Belur

The latest addition in the, fast growing, list is the Rasbari Garden House in Belur, Howrah. But it is different it is not just a heritagehomestay but a entire temple complex overlooking the might Hooghly River. It also doubles up as a picnic spot and a day out gateway for Kolkatans.

rasbari belur 1

Ras Manch, Rasbari Garden House, Belur

The temple complex, centred around the Radharaman Jew Temple, dates back to the late 19th century and was built by Purnachandra Daw of Jorasanko Daw family.

Apart from the nine pinnacle temple of Radharaman the temple complex houses a Ras mancha, 6 aat chala Shiva temples, two domed pavilions, a flat roofed pavilion and a welcome gateway. There are also a couple of guest houses and servant quarters.

The complex covers an area of several bighas and is located next to Belur Marth and Baranagar lies on the opposite bank of Hooghly River.

rasbari belur 2

Guest House, Rasbari Garden House, Belur

The Rasbari was once the hub of activity of the Daw family, with the Ras festival as the prime centre of attraction.

Ras is still celebrated and the entire complex is lit up with multi coloured lights. The food and other stalls are all housed outside the temple complex.

Over the years several members of the Daw family have left for Kolkata and other greener pastures, in different parts of the country and abroad.

But the temple continued to function, but but it lacked its former glory. The years of utter neglect has taken its toll with several of the structures crumbling down.

But the new generation of the Daw family have different ideas. Atanu Daw has tied up with Twins Tour. Run by the twins Subhajit and Abhijit Datta, they specializes in walking tours covering traditional households in north Kolkata.

rasbari belur 5

Radharaman Temple and Nat Mandir, Rasbari Garden House, Belur

With the advice of the twins, Atanu Daw plans to turn the century old Daw Rasbari into Rasbari Garden House providing homestay, picnic and day out facilities not only for Kolkatans but also for tourist visiting Kolkata.

rasbari belur c1

L: Ghat and R: Lawn with chairs and tables, Rasbari Garden House, Belur

Work started two years back and presently 2 two bed rooms and 2 four bed rooms are ready to welcome visitors. Picnic spot is ready and plans are being chalked out for independent day trippers.

rasbari belur 9

Cafe, Rasbari Garden House, Belur

The Rasbari Garden House is located next to the Belur Math and is well connected by road from Kolkata, but a ferry ride from Kuthi Ghat in Boranagar to Belur Math is another option of reaching the property. The later, which use public transport, is definitely more scenic.

Several of the old structure in the temple complex has already been renovated, which include the six shiva temples, the ras mancha, a domed pavilion and a guest house (2 four bed rooms are ready).

The pavilion, with a clock, located between the shiva temples, is under renovation and the clock has been sent for repairs. Work is yet to start on the nat mandir and the southern part of the complex. According to the twins it would take at least three years to get ready to get the whole property ready.

rasbari belur 10

A double bed room, Rasbari Garden House, Belur

Several new construction have come up include a cafe with tiled roof and a four storied building which will house several rooms (2 two bed rooms are presently ready). Sadly the new structure look a bit out of place in the century old temple complex.

There are plans to set up a deck overlooking the river, presently a lawn provides a view of the river, but a elevation will provide a bird’s eye view of the river. The property has two ghats and boating options can be arranged on request.

Being a temple complex food served is usually vegetarian but fish is served on request. Picnic parties can only have in house catering. The food served are unique and the century old recipes are carefully collected from traditional Bengali families of Kolkata. There are plans for destination weeding, where the marriage can take place in front of the century old idol of Radha – Krishna.

rasbari belur 4

Entrance of Rasbari Garden House, Belur from the Hooghly River side

Although the Rasbari Garden House has opened its gates to the visitors but a lot of work still remains. Hope Atanu Daw and the Datta twins will soon turn it into one of the most sought after heritage properties in the outskirts of Kolkata.

Necessary Information:
Location: Next to Belur Math (Google map location)
1. Night Stay: Double Bed Rs 3500. Complimentary Breakfast
2. Day Trip: 9 am – 5 pm. Rs 1500 per person for a minimum of 4 persons
3. Visit: Rs 150 per person. Complimentary tea. No photography allowed
4. Picnic: Charges on request
Only veg food is served
Contact: Subhajit Datta – 9051525307 and Avhijit Datta – 9836040344

Note: Information provided are as on Jan 2019

    January 17, 2019 at 8:36 PM

    what a magnificent approach you have taken.
    Tarak Nath Bose

  2. R.D Roy (M) 9231577181
    April 18, 2019 at 8:22 PM

    Good. Need address & contact No. of Mr.Subhajit Daw & Abhijit Daw

    • November 18, 2019 at 11:21 PM

      It is already there in the blog post

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