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Mandu, a ruined citadel in the heart of Incredible India

May 18, 2016 19 comments


A ruined citadel in the heart of Incredible India

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The citadel of Mandu is perched on upon a rocky outspur of the Vindhya Range, at an altitude of 634 m. It is separated from the main Malawa Plateau by a deep ravine Kakra Khoh, which runs on the eastern, northern and southern sides of the Mandu hill. To southern slopes of the Mandu hill has a 305 m incline and merges to the Nimar plain, which is fed by the mighty Narmada River.

Mandu Tourist Map (Click to enlarge)

Mandu Tourist Map (Click to enlarge)

Thus Mandu, with its natural fortification and amazing beauty have been the favorite citadel of many a ruler for over a period spanning over a thousand year.

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