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Heritage walk of Rattanakosin Island, Exploring Bangkok’s Royal Legacy

January 2, 2019 Leave a comment

Heritage walk of Rattanakosin Island

Exploring Bangkok’s Royal Legacy

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The island of Rattanakosin has the Chao Phraya River on the west an on the other three side is the ring canal of Khalong Maha Nak. The canal was dug by Rama I (Reign 1782 – 1809) the founder of the Rattanakosin Kingdom (Also see: Fortification of Bangkok).

Golden Mount 1

Bird’s eye view of Rattanakosin Island from Golden Mount, Bangkok

Today Rattanakosin is the hub of built heritage in Bankok and also house the Grand Palace, the royal residence of the Rattanakosin Kingdom. The canal measures 7.2 km and the island covers an area of 4.142 km2, so the best way to explore the Rattanakosin Island is on foot. 

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Pig Memorial, Pi Kun Bridge, Old City Moat, Bangkok

August 1, 2018 5 comments

Pig Memorial

Pi Kun Bridge, Old City Moat, Bangkok

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Bangkok, a city known for its night life and shopping, has some very unusual memorials and monuments. The Democracy Monument, Victory Monument, Monument to the Expeditionary Force and October 14 Memorial are some of the well known monuments and memorials of Bangkok.

Pig Memorial, Bangkok

Pig Memorial, Bangkok

But Bangkok’s most unusual memorial is the Pig Memorial. Unlike the previous mentioned memorial the Pig Memorial does not lie on a regular tourist trail, so hardly visited by tourist.

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