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Baranti (Boronti), an amazing weekend destination

April 13, 2016 23 comments

Baranti (Boronti)

An amazing weekend destination

Imagine a lake, and a conical  hill covered with thick vegetation. If this is your idea of a retreat, then Baranti, also called Boronti, in Purulia District, is the place to be. And it is close enough to stop by for the weekend for some much-needed rest.

Sunset at Baranti (Boronti) Lake

Sunset at Baranti (Boronti) Lake

Muradi located on the Adra – Asansol rail line is the nearest rail head of Baranti (Boronti). However in order to reach Baranti (Boronti) it is best to arrange vehicles from Adra or Asansol.

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