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Canning House, the last remains of the failed Canning Port Project

Canning House, 24 Parganas (South)

The last remains of the failed Canning Port Project

Since the late 17th century Calcutta (now Kolkata) has flourished as a flourishing river port and contributed a chunk of the trade of East India Company. It also served as the Capital of British India and was considered the second city of the British empire.

Canning House, Canning, 24 Parganas (South)

Canning House, Canning, 24 Parganas (South)

Plan for a new port: But In the early 1850s it was found that the river was first silting up and the East India Company decided to make a new port further down the river. Surveyors were sent deep into the Sundarban area and they finally came up with a spot on the banks of the Matla River.

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Historic Sites of Bardhaman Town

December 8, 2021 4 comments

Historic Sites of Bardhaman Town

A compilation of historic sites of Bardhaman town

From colossal colonial styled gateways to magnificent Mughal styled mausoleum and from elaborate temple complex to the resting place of the first husband of the Mughal empress Noor Jahan

Clockwise from top left: Curzon Gate, Christ Church, Mazar of Pir Baharam, 108 Shiva Temples, Sarbangla Temple and Nawab Bari

Clockwise from top left: Curzon Gate, Christ Church, Mazar of Pir Baharam, 108 Shiva Temples, Sarbangla Temple and Nawab Bari

Located about 100 km from Kolkata, the town of Bardhaman predates Kolkata by at least a couple of centuries. It can serve as a interesting day or a weekend trip from Kolkata covering an wide range of historic sites.

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Mausoleum of Khwaja Anwar (Nawab Bari), Bardhaman

September 15, 2021 2 comments

Mausoleum of Khwaja Anwar (Nawab Bari)

Bardhaman Town, West Bengal

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Bardhaman Town, the district headquarters of the Purba Bardhaman District and the former capital of the undivided Bradhaman District has its share of history. From the iconic Curzon Gate to the 108 Shiva Temples of Nawab Hat and from the historic campus of Bardhaman University to the resting place of Sher Afghan, the first husband of the Mughal empress Nur Jahan (Also see: Mazar of Pir Baharam)

Complex of the Mausoleum of Khwaja Anwar (popularly known as Nawab Bari), Bardhaman

Complex of the Mausoleum of Khwaja Anwar (popularly known as Nawab Bari), Bardhaman

But the historical site that stands out among the rest is the magnificent Mausoleum Complex of Khwaja Anwar (popularly known as Nawab Bari), sadly it is all in ruins and overgrown with vegetation.

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Taki, one day outing from Kolkata

August 20, 2021 4 comments

Taki, 24 Parganas (North)

A day outing during Covid 19 pandemic

Ever since we tested Covid 19 positive in May 2021 we had totally lost the confidence of going out for a holiday. Even a day trip seemed a distant dream. But time is always a best healer and after two and month after our recovery we finally decided to hit the road.

Panoramic view of Ichamati River and watch tower, Taki

Panoramic view of Ichamati River and watch tower, Taki

We decided to keep it short and decided for a day trip. After shortlisting about half a dozen places we finally zoomed down at Taki, a favourite picnic and weekend spot from Kolkata. Although Taki has several places to stay but we decided to keep it restricted to a day.

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Mazar of Pir Baharam, Bardhaman

Mazar of Pir Baharam, Bardhaman

Resting place of Pir Baharam, Sher Afghan Khan and Qutubuddin Koka

Two men lies in eternal rest under exactly similar graves next to each other but it is hard to believe that these men died fighting each other in a deadly ambush more than 500 years ago.

Panoramic view of the Mazar of Pir Baharam, Brdhaman

Panoramic view of the Mazar of Pir Baharam, Brdhaman

Next to the two warrior lies a Sufi Saint, who was known for providing drinking water to thirsty travellers. This is the Mazar of Pir Baharam in Bardhaman, which also contains several unmarked and unknown graves.

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Curzon Gate, Bardhaman

Curzon Gate

Bardhaman (Burdwan), West Bengal

Curzon Gate is the most prominent land mark of Bardhaman (Burdwan) Town and is located at the meeting point of Bijoy Chand Road (BC Road) and Grand Trunk Road (GT Road) (Google map location)

Curzon Gate, Bardhaman

Curzon Gate, Bardhaman

The gigantic gate towering at the busy intersection marks the entry to the Bardhaman town from GT Road. The gate was constructed to celebrate the coronation of the king of Bardhaman Maharaja Bijay Chand Mahatab in 1902.

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Ambika Kalna, Terracotta Temple Town of West Bengal

January 2, 2020 8 comments

Ambika Kalna

Terracotta Temple Town of West Bengal

Located on the west bank of the Bhagirathi River, Ambika Kalna (popularly known as Kalna) once flourished as a prosperous port town.

108 Pano 1c

Nava Kailash (108 Shiva Temple), Ambika Kalna

It reached it’s pinnacle of glory during the late 18th century under the patronage of the Maharajas of Bardhaman, who built several magnificent temples with intricate terracotta ornamentation.

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Temple of Dakshin Rai, Dhapdhapi

October 16, 2019 8 comments

Temple of Dakshin Rai

Dhapdhapi, 24 Parganas (South)

Dakshin Rai or Dakshin Ray, literally meaning the King of the South, is the local deity of Sundarban and rules over beast and daemons. He is worshiped by all those who enter the Sunderban forest, for subsistence, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.

Dhapdhapi 1

Idol of Dakshin Rai, Dakshineswar Temple, Dhapdhapi

There are lot of controversies regarding Dakshin Rai, although considered and worshiped as god by many but many other considered him as a demon with a uncanny curving for human flesh.

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Sat Deul, Towering Brick Temple, Memari, Burdwan District, West Bengal

April 4, 2019 9 comments

Sat Deul, Towering Brick Temple

Memari, Burdwan District, West Bengal

Stone has always been in short supply in the vast flood plains of Bengal. Hence the architects had to restore to other substitute. As clay was easily available the burnt clay bricks soon became a good substitute of stone.

Sat Deul 5

Sat Deul, near Memari, Burdwan District

This gave rise to a new form of temple architecture and lead to the construction of elaborately decorated terracotta temples. Terracotta literally means baked earth in Italian but West Bengal has the distinction of housing some of the finest terracotta art in the world.

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Dhanyakuria, Palaces and a Cinderella styled Castle

January 24, 2019 23 comments


Palaces and a Cinderella styled Castle

If you are travelling on the Barasat – Basirat road about 7 km after the Berachampa crossing (known for Chandraketugarh) you will come across a magnificent gate way, which seems to come straight out of the pages of the fairy tales of Cinderella.

gayen castel 3

Gayen Garden House (Gayen Bagan Bari), Dhanyakuria

Sadly the gates generally remains closed but a peep inside revels a Cinderella styled castle, complete with tower, turrets, battlements and oriel windows. The castle is surrounded by a huge open space, which was once a manicured lawn intercepted by tree line pathways. The compound was once complete with decorative fountains and huge ponds.

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