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Street Food tour of Sasaram, Non Veg Litti and Chicken Feet Curry

Street Food tour of Sasaram, Bihar

Non Veg Litti and Chicken Feet Curry

Sasaram once the citadel of Suri dynasty is a historical paradise. The mighty dome of the Mausoleum of Sher Shah still dominates the Sasaram skyline. Several other tombs and historical structures make Sasaram an interesting gateway for history lovers (Also see: Sher Shah’s Tomb and other monumnets of Sasaram)

Sasaram Food 4

A litti shop in Sasaram

A trip to Sasaram can be combined with trips to nearby Rothasgarh Fort and Shergarh Fort along with trips to a couple of nearby water falls. But no trip to Sasaram is complete without its amazing street food.

Sasaram Food 1

Preparation of Litti with Chicken, Sasaram

No trip to Bihar is complete without the taste of the humble Litti. It can well be considered as the state dish of Bihar and is also extremely popular in Jharkhand and eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Litti is made of wheat and stuffed with sattu, mixed with herbs and spices, and shaped into a ball. It is then roasted over cow dung cakes and topped with a lot of desi ghee.

It is general served with mashed boiled potato or with roasted egg plant (brinjal) along with a dash of coriander mint chutney. But their are several variations and litti is often served with non veg items like chicken and even fish.

Sasaram Food 5

Preparation of Litti with Fish, Sasaram

Chicken Litti: The humble litti is served with a dash of chicken. Small pieces of chicken along, with skin and cartilage, is fried.

The round shaped roasted litties are split into halves and are also deep fried. The dish is served with  a dash of fresh coriander leaves in sal leaves. Sadly thermocol plates have made its entry.

The chicken is served with a small amount of grave and the litties serves as bread rolls just like continental dish.

The best way to have the dish is to dip the split up litties in the gravy and scoop up a hand full of chicken with it before putting putting the entire thing in our mouth.

Sasaram Food 6

Litti served with fish, Sasaram

Fish Litti: The preparation is exactly the same only the chicken is replaced with fish. The fish usually used is locally known as Piyashi (পিয়াসি) it is also available in Bengal and is known as Pangas (পাঙাস).

Sasaram Food 2

Chicken Feet Cury, Sasaram

The fish is bit oily and contains some amount of fat. During the frying process the fat melts and adds to the flavour of the dish.

Interesting part of the litti with fish is that the customer can choose his own fish piece.

After the selection the vendor puts all the fish together and fries them but he makes a mental note of the selected fish and during serving he serves the right fish to the right person.

Chicken Feet Curry: This is another interesting non veg dish from Sasaram but unlike the non veg versions of litti it is not widely available in Sasaram. Chicken feet may turn some people off. But it is just another part of the chicken, but it taste just as great. The Sasaram version of the chicken feet curry is served with a lot of gravy in thermocol bowls.

Sasaram Food 3

Chicken Feet Cury, Sasaram

Location Factor: The Post Office Crossing is the hub of street food in Sasaram (google map location). Kader Ganj area is another hub for street food in Sasaram (google map location)

Price Factor:
Litti with chicken: ₹ 50 per plate, consisting of 4 litties and a handsome amount of chicken. There is a half plate option also.
Litti with fish: ₹ 50 per plate, consisting of 4 litties and a two piece of fish. There is a half plate option also.
Chicken feet cury: ₹ 5 per piece

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    Wonderful dishes!

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    Good piece! I had chicken feet in China and found it tasteless, mostly cartilage, no meat.

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