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Tughlaqabad Fort, the third city of Delhi

August 29, 2018 2 comments

Tughlaqabad Fort

The third city of Delhi

Tughlakabad is the most uncompromisingly militaristic ruin in Delhi, perhaps in all India. Ring after ring of rough – hewn stone walls thunder their way across the open plain on the deserted south – eastern edge of the city.

City of Djinns, William Dalrymple

Tuglagbad Fort Pano S6

Panoramic views of the bastions of Tughlaqabad Fort, delhi

The citadel of Tughlaqabad stretches over 6.5 km in circumference, the enormous structure complete with battlements and bastions dominate a stretch of the Mehrauli – Badarpur Road.

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Temples of Para, Purulia

August 22, 2018 3 comments

Temples of Para


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Para is a small village in Purulia District located about 30 km north east of the district head quarters Purulia Town. Para lies on the route to Banda Deul, one of the most preserved ancient temple of Purulia District.

Para 1

Brick Temple (front) and Stone Temple of Para, Purulia

According to historical records Para probably served as the capital of Panchakot kings and probably before that it was the capital of the Manrajas. Today only three dilapidated temples are the only traces of Para’s royal lineage.

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Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat

August 15, 2018 1 comment

Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat, Bangkok

A canal boat service in Bamgkok, Thailand

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Just watch your step when boarding and disembarking as they don’t stop at the pier for long. Pay the fare to the fearless helmet-wearing ticket collectors who clamber around on the outside of the boat, ducking at bridges, as it barrels down the canal.

Saen Saep Express Boat 1

Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat, Bangkok

This is Khalong Saen Saep Express Boat service. Mostly used by locals to commute to work, the service is cheap and you get to see the “backside” of the neighbourhoods, so to speak. Also, It is immune to Bangkok’s notorious traffic jams.

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Raghurajpur, Heritage Village near Puri, Odisha

August 8, 2018 15 comments


Heritage Village near Puri, Odisha

Every house in the village is a studio, which doubles up as a museum, and every villager is an artist, this is the Ragurajpur, the heritage village, located just 15km away from the popular tourist destination of Puri, in Odisha.

An artist in Raghurajpur displays a patachitra of triad deities of Puri - Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra, Raghurajpur, Odisha

An artist in Raghurajpur displays a patachitra of triad deities of Puri – Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra, Raghurajpur, Odisha

Situated amid coconut groves the village of Raghurajpur has two streets lined with about 100 + identical houses, whose outer walls are covered with the most intricate frescoes and murals.

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Pig Memorial, Pi Kun Bridge, Old City Moat, Bangkok

August 1, 2018 4 comments

Pig Memorial

Pi Kun Bridge, Old City Moat, Bangkok

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Bangkok, a city known for its night life and shopping, has some very unusual memorials and monuments. The Democracy Monument, Victory Monument, Monument to the Expeditionary Force and October 14 Memorial are some of the well known monuments and memorials of Bangkok.

Pig Memorial, Bangkok

Pig Memorial, Bangkok

But Bangkok’s most unusual memorial is the Pig Memorial. Unlike the previous mentioned memorial the Pig Memorial does not lie on a regular tourist trail, so hardly visited by tourist.

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