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Forgotten Milestone, Piparia, Madhya Pradesh (MP)

July 29, 2015 19 comments

Forgotten Milestone

Piparia, Madhya Pradesh (MP)

A milestone is a series off numbered markers placed along the road at intervals of one mile. the miles of the milestones in India have long been replaced by kilometers.

The concept of milestones, or distance markers, was probably introduced by Sher Shah in the 16th century. He built distance markers, which were known as Kos Minars, along the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road).

Sher Shah’s Kos Minar recorded the distance in Kos, which was roughly equal to 2 miles or 3.2 kilometers.

Milestone, Piparia, Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Milestone, Piparia, Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Later the British introduced the concept of milestone, where distances were recorded in miles. After the Britishers left Indians adopted kilometer as the distance unit, but the name milestone remained.

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Ramzan (Ramadan) Food Street, Zakaria Street, Kolkata

July 22, 2015 34 comments

Ramzan (Ramadan) Food Street

Nakhoda Masjid, Zakaria Street, Kolkata

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“Islam has always been an urban faith, ill at ease with the wilderness; its civilization has always flourished most successfully in the labyrinths of the ancient bazar towns of the East. Certainly there can be no doubt that Islam looks at its most impressive in a great urban cathedral mosque, especially on an occasion like Id.”

William Dalrymple, City of Djinns

Kababs, Ramzan (Ramadan) Food Street, Nakhoda Masjid, Kolkata (Calcutta)

Kababs, Ramzan (Ramadan) Food Street, Nakhoda Masjid, Kolkata (Calcutta)

Located on Chitpur Road (Rabindra Sarani) the Nakhoda Masjid, the cathedral mosque of Kolkata (Calcutta) looks spectacular during the occasion of Eid, but during the entire month of Ramadan the entry labyrinths surrounding Nakhoda Masjid turn out into a food bazar!!!!

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QnA wirth Rangan Datta

July 15, 2015 13 comments

QnA with Rangan Datta

Organised by Kolkata Bloggers at Oxford Book Store

19 June 2015, 4:00 – 7:00 pm

QnA Rangan Datta

QnA Rangan Datta

Dear Friends, I shared my blogging and wikipedia experience at the Oxford Book Store on 19 July 2015 at 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

The event is being organized by Kolkata Bloggers with Oxford Book Stores as the venue partner.

Honcho serve as the gift sponsor while Cloud Studio happens to be the design partner.

My presentation started with a introduction from the Oxford Book Store, followed by another introduction from Arjyak of Kolkata Bloggers.

After that it was my turn and I started with a slide show consisting of screen shots of testimonials form celebrities like Amitava Ghosh and William Dalrymple.

The second half consisted of a discussion session, which was moderated by Anirban Saha.

It was an open forum with ideas and questions coming in from the audience, which consisted of a mix of bloggers and non bloggers.

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Bell Tower, St. Anastasia’s Cathedral, Zadar

July 8, 2015 20 comments

Bell Tower, St. Anastasia’s Cathedral

Adriatic Coast, Zadar, Croatia

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The rains have just stopped but the sky is still overcast with black rain clouds. Standing atop the Bell Tower in Zadar, Croatia, I admired the the blue Adriatic Sea, which looked even more bluer.

Panoramic view of Zadar and Adriatic Sea from the Bell Tower of St. Anastasia’s Cathedral, Zadar

Panoramic view of Zadar and Adriatic Sea from the Bell Tower of St. Anastasia’s Cathedral, Zadar

The red titled rooftops of Zadra, which were drenched by rain just a few hours ago, had a sparkling effect.

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A Panoramic Tour of Madhya Pradesh (MP)

July 1, 2015 22 comments

A Panoramic Tour of Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Compilation of Panoramic Photos from Amarkantak, Pachmarhi, Bandhavgarh, Jabalpur, Omkareshwar, Maheshwar. Hanuwantiya and Mandu

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Panoramic photography is a technique of photography, using specialized equipment or software, that captures images with elongated fields of view. It is sometimes known as wide format photography. Panorama photos are normally shot by stitching  series of photos with sightly overlapping fields to create a panoramic image.

This blog post contains panoramic photos from Amarkantak, Pachmarhi, Bandhavgarh, Jabalpur, Omkareswar, Maheshwar, Hanuwantia (Jal Mahotsav) and Mandu of Madhya Pradesh (MP).


Amazing mix of old and new temples

Amarkantak, the source of the Rivers Narmada and Son, is a important pilgrimage for for both Hindus and Jains.

Narmada Kund Temple, Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Narmada Kund Temple, Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh (MP)

No wonder Amarkantak has innumerable temples and still newer ones are being constucted. Thus the ancient pilgrimage offers an interesting mix of old and new temples.

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