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Walkability Study of Calcutta Maidan

December 11, 2013 5 comments

Walkability Study of Calcutta Maidan

A Jane’s Walk initiative supported by Calcutta Walks

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“The tiger-haunted jungle which cut off the village of Chowringhee from the river was cleared, and gave way to the wide grassy stretch of the Maidan of which Calcutta is so proud.”

Calcutta Old and New, H E A Cotton

Green and Red Frames. Left: Green for the endless stretch of Maidan. Right: Red for horse dung

Green & Red Frames. L: Green for the endless stretch of Maidan. R: Red for horse dung

It was a story of red and green frames, green was for thumbs up or like while red was for thumbs down or dislike. Sounds easy, not exactly!!!

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