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Chandraketugarh & Khana Mihirer Dhipi

September 25, 2013 19 comments

Chandraketugarh & Khana Mihirer Dhipi

~ Fort of the Mythical King & Mound of the Legendary Mathematicians ~

In 1907 a young Bengali archaeologist made an extensive survey of the Berachampa region near Barasat. He submitted a report and suggested an extensive excavation. A decade and half later the he made history by excavating the ruins of Mohenjo daro. Yes its Rakhal Das Bandyopadhyay!!! But sadly the mound of Chandraketugarh still lies unexcavated even after a century after its discovery.

Khana Mihir er Dhipi (Mound)

Khana Mihir er Dhipi (Mound)

According to archaeologists Chandraketugarh was a prosperous urban settlement that flourished during the 4th century BC to the 12 century AD. The period ranged from the yearly Mauryan to the late Pala rule.

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Chinese Moon Cake ~ Tiretta Bazar, Old Chinatown Calcutta

September 18, 2013 4 comments

Chinese Moon Cake

Tiretta Bazar, Old Chinatown, Calcutta

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Its early Sunday morning and sun is yet to come out, but the stoves are already fired up and the morning silence is broken by the sound of the knife hitting the chopping plate.

Moon Cakes being sold at Tiretta Bazar (Old Chinatown) Calcutta (Kolkata)

Moon Cakes being sold at Tiretta Bazar (Old Chinatown) Calcutta (Kolkata)

Night owls crawl out of their late night parties and call centre night shifts to rejuvenate themselves with bowls of hot fish ball soups from the road side vendors. Hungry soles huddle around makeshift stall, jostling with each other to grab the day’s first meal.

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Bandel ~ Church and Imambara

September 11, 2013 32 comments


Church & Imambara

Almost a century after Vasco da Gama reached the West Coast of India the Portuguese started making their inroads into Bengal. Soon settlement started growing up along the rivers and the area around present day Hooghly became the Portuguese stronghold. By 1599 a church was constructed on the banks of the Hooghly, making it the oldest Christian Church of West Bengal.

Bandel Church “Our Lady of the Happy Voyage,” Bandel, Hooghly, West Bengal

Bandel Church “Our Lady of the Happy Voyage,” Bandel, Hooghly, West Bengal

But the good old days of the Portuguese were short lived. In 1632 The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan attacked the Portuguese settlement which also had a small fort. The Portuguese were severely defeated and their Fort & Church were reduced to ruins. Several Portuguese and local Christians were killed. Father Joan De Cruz was taken prisoner to Agra, where he was thrown in front of a ferocious elephant. But the rogue elephant instead of trampling the priest to dead lifted him by his trunk and placed him in his back.

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Dal Lake ~ Sikhara Ride

September 4, 2013 Leave a comment

Dal Lake ~ Sikhara Ride

~ Floating through Paradise ~

Dal Lake Map

Dal Lake Map

The city of Srinagar is centered round the beautiful Dal Lake, no wonder Dal Lake is Srinagar’s prime attraction. The lake has a circumference of 15.5 km and covers an area of 21 sq. km. along with a 3 sq. km. are of wetland.

The Dal Lake actually consists of four lakes namely Gagribal, Lokut Dal, Bod Dal and Nagin. Nagin the smallest and the most beautiful of the four is often considered as an independent lake.

The major attraction of Srinagar are also located around the Dal Lake. Hazarat Bal Mosque, Shamkaracharya Temple and the Mughal Gardens (Shalimar, Chashmashahi and Nishat) are alll located around the Dal Lake.

The best way to explore the Dal is the sikhara, the beautifully decorated boat, the once iconic symbol of many Bollywood hits and also the logo of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Tourism Department.

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