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Sabz Burj (Green Dome)

Sabz Burj (Green Dome)

~ Blue cloured green dome ~

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Sabuz Burj (Green Dome), Delhi

Sabuz Burj (Green Dome), Delhi

Located on the grassy traffic island at the junction of Mathurs Road and Lodi Road stands a structure, neither grand nor towering. But the structure is striking enough to attracts the attention of passing Delhiwala, as well as tourist heading for the Humayun’s Tomb or the Nizamuddin’s Darga.

The structure is crowned with a blue dome and no wonder it is popularly know as the Neeli Chhatri.

Strangely it is officially know as the Sabz Burj (Sabz = Green, Burj = Dome) and the blue tiles on the dome are only a recent restoration effort. A few of the original multi coloured tiles can still be seen on the drum of the dome.

The octagonal tomb with with alternate wide and narrow sides follow the Baghadid Tomb architecture style. All the eight sides are marked with high recessed arches and it is crowned with a high drummed double domed.

The Sabz Burj is enclosed by a high fence and entry is restricted. The only option is to go round it.

Nothing is known about the date of construction of Sabz Burj and no one knows who is buried inside. Since the Sabz Burj  looks more Central Asian than Mughal historians consider it to be constructed in the early Mughal period (1530 – 40).

Strangely the elegant Sabz Burj has always been neglected and served as a police station during the British period. Later on it was taken over by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), who made the colour blunder during the process of restoration.


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  1. shirin
    March 5, 2014 at 6:23 PM

    omg look at the “effort” in restoring such a historical building.. it looks like people have been stealing tiles from the building.. and the so called “high fence” security??? shame!!

  2. shirin
    March 5, 2014 at 6:29 PM

    and it is not a color blunder, it is stealing of tiles ..color blunder is what’s happening to the dear Taj.. it is turning brown due to pollution and lack of polishing… people still make a living out of just care takers and tour guides and much more,,many more jobs that one building is still providing but who cares to give it a little shine and polish ??????? this is embarrassing !

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