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Asad Uj Jaman’s Collection of Chandraketugarh Artifact

Boxes Full of History

Asad Uj Jaman’s Collection of Chandraketugarh Artifact

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One by one the boxes came, ordinary plastic boxes with extraordinary content!!!!! small terracotta piece few wrapped in cotton wool and few others in newspapers but most of them bare, but strangely these pieces dates back far beyond the days of Christ.

Asad uj Jamans's collection of Chandraketugarh Artifacts

Asad uj Jaman’s collection of Chandraketugarh Artifacts

Asad uj Jaman

Asad uj Jaman

Located about 50 km north of Calcutta (Kolkata) Chandraketugarh is a treasure trove of history and archeology.

The region was first surveyed by Rakhaldas Bandyopadhyay, of Mohenjo Daro fame, and the Archeology Department of Calcutta University carried out an extensive dig at the Khana – Mihir er Dhipi (mound) during the 1950s, but the huge Chandraketugarh Mound still remains almost untouched.

Today, Chandraketugarh’s primary displays include the earthen ramparts that surrounded the settlement, the remains of a temple called Khana – mihir er – Dhipi and the local private museums of collectors such as Dilip Kumar Maite and Asad uj Jaman.

Asad uj Jamn’s resident is located about 500 meters from the Chandraketugarh Mound further down the Taki road.

Asad uj Jamn is constructing his own private museum in a first floor room of his two – storied residence, till the museum is complete his collection of 1500 + artifacts, collected over a period of two decades, lies bundled in plastic boxes.

Asad uj Jamn's Chandraketugarh artifacts

Asad uj Jamn’s Chandraketugarh artifacts

Asad uj Jaman's Chandraketugarh Artifacts

Asad uj Jaman’s Chandraketugarh Artifacts

Asad-uj Jaman confirmed that artifacts are still being unearthed in the nearby areas whenever the soil is dug to build a house or a pond. He agreed with Dilip Kumar Maite in the necessity of a local museum. He also mentioned that there is no mechanism in place to properly study and understand the artifacts currently discovered. “If an artifact carrying some ancient written characters is uncovered, it’s not easy to get it read”, he said.

The 1500 + artifacts of Asad uj Jaman mainly consist of terracotta plaques and models, depicting Jakis, women with strange hair styles, images of Gods and Goddesses, including Ganesh.

His collection also contains numerous seals with strange inscription and images and beads of different sizes. A few wooden and metal object are also found in Asad uj Jaman’s amazing Chandraketugarh collection.

From time to time Asad-uj-Jaman allows items from his collection to be displayed in a museum or in some exhibition.


Blog entries on Khona Mihir er Dhipi and Dilip Maite’s Chandraketugarh collection will be coming up soon.

  1. January 16, 2013 at 12:11 AM

    Excellent piece of writeup… good photographs too… Nice to see you included a photo of Asad Uj Jaman !

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