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November 2012

Two of my photographs on Gulmarg were published in the article titled “A Snow – White Meadow” by Robert Leslie in the Jet Wings (In flight magazine of Jet Airways) November 2012 issue.

Gulmarg Photos, Jet Wings (Nov. 2012)

Gulmarg Photos, Jet Wings (Nov. 2012)

Gulmarg ~ In Winter

~ My Experince ~

It is said that the Eskioms have a hundred synonyms for the word snow. Standing on the snow slopes of Gulmarg I wondered if the Kashmiris have more.

Gulmarg Daybreak

Gulmarg Daybreak

It was early winter 2012 and the snow was yet to come in Srinagar, and the leaf less Chinar trees welcomed me in the valley. After spending a couple of days in barren landscape and under an overcast sky I decided to head for Gulmarg.

Gulmarg Skiing

Gulmarg Skiing

As my jeep gained altitude patches of snow started appearing. Soon the patches grew bigger and bigger and by the time I reached Gulmarg (2653 m) it was snow, snow & more snow. It was first time in Kashmir I felt that I was in paradise.

Winter is ski time in Gulmarg. Gulmarg offers a wide range of skiing slopes starting from the nursery slopes for beginners to highly technical slopes attempted only by seasoned veterans, Thus Gulmarg attracts a wide variety of skiers starting from the first timers to veterans looking out for new horizons.

In winter several skiing school pops up in the entire Gulmarg region, most of these provide elementary sking lessons to first time skiers.

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